Bin-it 1.5.2

A floating desktop bin

Nostalgic PC users might like Bin-it, which restores the floating trash can on Mac. View full description


  • 9 different looks
  • Set trash threshold
  • Customize trash actions


  • Not essential


Nostalgic PC users might like Bin-it, which restores the floating trash can on Mac.

The trash can is not the most exciting feature on your Mac, yet Bin-it tries to make it a bit more thrilling by offering you themes and customizations. You can choose from 9 different looks and even create your own custom theme.

If you delve in the preferences you can also set things like trash can transparency, adding sound or locking the trash can position, like having it always on top, floating or on the desktop. We quite liked how you can set a threshold, which can show you how full your trash can is in terms of percentages (say 50% is 20 MB). It's a good way of controlling space on your Mac.

Bin-it definitely adds a bit more features to your recycle bin, but is it really worth paying up for these? After all, the default trash can works fine and is instantly accessible from the Dock.

Bin-it adds 9 different looks and some customization features to the trash can, but we wonder if it's really worth the price.

Bin-it is a floating desktop trash can, a feature missing in Mac OS X without this utility. With several themes to choose from and the ability to create your own themes, apply custom sounds, resize the trash can and more; Bin-it is very versatile and customizable utility for your desktop.


  • Floating desktop trash can.
  • Contextual menu gives you quick access to many actions.
  • Open the trash with double or single click.
  • Set a trash level treshold—for example 25% full might be 100MB.
  • Add a floating trash can badge to display number of items.
  • Display a floating trash can label.
  • Display a warning before emptying the trash.
  • Lock the floating trash can position.
  • Keep the trash can On Top, Floating, or on the Desktop.
  • Make the trash can transparent.
  • Alter the size of the floating trash can.
  • Apply customizable themes to your floating trash can.
  • Add your own sounds to the trash can.
  • Shred trash, removing items permanently.



Bin-it 1.5.2